DOORS Explorer
Final Version beta 2

by the Doors Team
for TI-89 and TI-92+ compiled for
Doors OS Final Beta 2



*** Default Password: "doors" ***




Doors is an Explorer that allows you to browse the TI89/92+ files and folders, and to modify or protect them. You can run ASM programs, and now you can even run TI BASIC programs !! You may run the Doors shell by pressing Shift-ON.

It is composed of the shell and four libraries :
- userlib   -> common & password functions
- graphlib  -> graphical functions
- filelib   -> file operation functions
- ziplib    -> Compression / Extraction (made by Marc Teyssier)

To run Doors, you must have:
    - A TI89 or TI92 Plus with Doors OS Final Version beta2 installed
    - These four libraries: graphlib, userlib, filelib, ziplib
    - A reasonable amount of free memory

Please do not give suggestions anymore, because this is supposed to be the final version, and it is presented "as is". Anyway if you think you have a good idea, well, just try and send in whatever you have if you'd like :)


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    - Lots of file operation functions!
        - 3 levels of file protection!
        - Integrated password protection!
    - Compression!
        - Multiselection!
        - Multiple Filters!
    - Sort by Type/Size/Name
    - You can view EXPR, MAT, LIST, STR variables thanx to the viewexpr viewer.
        - You can view TEXT variables just by pressing "Enter" when selected if you have XeTal, TextView or TextRider on your calculator.
        - You can view PIC variables by pressing "Enter" when selected if you have Doors picture viewer, PV 1.1 or the UGP viewer on the calculator.
        - You can define hot-keys to programs, text and pics ! If a program is associated with a hot-key, you can even rename, move, lock or hide it. It will always be accessible with the hot-key. The only thing you can't do is to load it from a computer *after* you define it as a hot-key. You will then have to delete the hot-key and define it again.
        - Displays the "comment" of a program in the status line when you select it
        - Displays the free memory at the bottom of the screen
        - Optional shell bolt (protection)
        - Pressing a [A - Z] char will go to the variable who has that char as its first letter
    - much more, I haven't updated this section for a long time :)

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When you first get it going, it displays a list of all the folders on your calculator. Then pressing the [Enter] or [Right] keys while a folder will show you the contents of that folder. When the file list is displayed you can press the [Left] key to get back to the folder list, or press [Enter] to execute a program.

You may access many functions with Keyboard Keys or access them with menus.

Here are the keys used in the Doors Explorer
    F1 -> Displays the File menu
    F2 -> Displays the Options menu
    F3 -> Displays the Security menu
    F4 -> Displays the Select menu
    F5 -> Displays the About dialog box
In the menus, you can access menu items pressing 1,2,3... keys. (It's much faster!)

    2nd UP and 2nd DOWN -> Scrolls up or down 8 items (6 on TI 89)
    2nd T -> Sets the APD
    2nd R -> Renames a file or a folder
    2nd Y -> Copies a file to another folder
    2nd M -> Moves a file to another folder
    2nd W -> Creates a new folder
    2nd V -> Archives/Unarchives a file
    2nd L -> Locks or Unlocks a file or a folder
    2nd H -> Hides or Unhides a file or a folder
    2nd P -> Protects or Unprotects a file or folder
    2nd Z (2nd I on TI92) -> Zips or Unzips a file
    2nd K -> Defines a new Hot-Key
    2nd D -> Removes a Hot-Key
    2nd Q -> Displays the required library list for a library or prog
    2nd / -> Selects all items
    2nd * -> Deselects all items
    2nd S -> Displays the Setup Screen
    F6 (X on TI89) -> Selects an Item
    F7 (HOME on TI89) -> Protects the TI with a password
    F8 (MODE on TI89) -> Shuts down the TI
    BackSpace -> Deletes a file or a folder
Pressing an alphabetical char will go to the variable beginning with that char.

Filters: You can define filters pressing F2 (View menu) and selecting the Setup item.
    Then you will have to choose the file type you want to be shown.
    Press Left-Right to select, Enter to toggle state, ESC to get back to the shell and make your choice effective

Shell bolt: You can choose to bolt (or, lock) the shell. If you do so, the Doors password will
    be asked each time you launch the shell. You can switch ON/OFF this feature pressing
    F3 (Security menu) and selecting the Shell bolt item.

Multiselection: Pressing F6 (or X for the TI89) will select/unselect a variable. When you use the Delete, Protect, Copy, Move, Lock/Unlock, Hide/Unhide, Zip/Unzip, Archive/Unarchive functions, it will be used on all the selected variables.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The default password is "doors"

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    - Doors Explorer Final Version beta2 released:
    - To those who haven't had the beta version, have a look at the history below.
    - Now remembers which folder was selected when you come back from a file list.
    - Great news : Doors Explorer can now run TI BASIC programs !
    - Other great news : you can view EXPR, MAT, LIST and STR variables thanx to the viewexpr viewer ! Thanx to Johan Eilert for his info about that all !
    - Thanks to Chris Ivarson for converting the docs (yes, the ones you are reading) to HTML
    - Better integration of zipped and archived files.
    - Fixed a bug when viewing the 1st line of compressed TEXT files.
    - Added a viewer: Xview text viewer for TI89.

    - Doors Explorer Final Version beta released: (only released at my site)
    - I finally made a french version !! :)
    - Total support of archived variables ! It means: Archive, Unarchive, Delete, Copy, Move, Rename. You can even run them, and the high scores (for the games) or the modifications (in general) will be saved !
    - You can view EXPR variables, and the first line of a TEXT variable. They are displayed in the status bar when you highlight them. (I use Benoit Scherrer's method to display EXPR's)
    - You can now set the APD value (Auto Power Down) !
    - Now displays a 'p' in the list before a protected file.
    - Recognizes the new and excellent text viewer TextRider from Marc Teyssier, and recognize the UGP viewer from David Kühling, which has not been released the day I'm writing this, but which should be soon.
    - Fixed a minor bug in the 92+ Setup & in the 92+ help file, plus a few other minor bugs.
    - Fixed userlib::lockcalc so that now you can't 'crack' the password pressing ESC ON at the right moment
    - Fixed a bug with the protect/unprotect feature. I changed a bit the way the files are protected, so don't have old protected files when you install this new version !
    - The version number of the final version is 1.95

    - Doors v1.9 released:
    - Fixed some bugs
    - A completely new Setup Screen !
    allows: multiple filters
        sort by name/size/type
        some more options
    - New protect function.
    - Doors now remembers in which folder it was before you exited.
    - Now recognizes PV 1.1 as a picture viewer and Textview as a text viewer.
    - A few small things
    - A Help file
    - This is probably the final release

    - Doors v1.81 released:
    - Note that the program still displays version 1.8, this is not an error.
    - Removed the Protect/Unprotect feature. If you want it to be re-implemented, send us a mail !
    - Now displays the size of a folder

    - Doors v1.8 released:
    - Ported the explorer to TI 89 !!
    - Added support of compression !! You can zip/unzip a file from the menus, or with 2nd-I.
    If you run or view a zipped file (ASM, TEXT, PIC), it will be automatically unzipped ! The compression library ziplib has been programmed by Marc Teyssier.
    - Viewers can be in any folder.
    - Doors recognizes archived vars now. But still can't Archive/Unarchive them.
    - Now you can add a hot key to a PIC or a TEXT variable too.

    - Doors v1.71 released:
    - Ported the explorer to TI92+ !

    - Doors v1.71 released:
    - It always displays 1.7 in the About box because there are only a few changes
    - When you try to delete a folder that contains variables, it now displays a error box
    - We fixed a bug in Doors92 which caused the calc to crash.
    - We optimized a little Doors92 (2650 bytes now)

    - Doors v1.7 released:
    - Added a Select menu(F4)
    - Now the F6 key selects an item (instead of F5)
    - Added an internal STRING viewer:
    When you highlight a STR variable, its content is displayed in the status line.
    - The Doors.92p program has been improved a little: optimization, and a few small features added:
    - you can run the shell selecting the 'Explorer' item
    - you can press Left or Right to choose your item in the menu
    - Fixed a small bug when the free memory was displayed
    - Now with graphlib you can choose the address of the screen: soyou can if you want use graphlib with grayscale !!

    - Doors v1.6 released:
    - The memory free is now displayed at the bottom of the screen!
    - Added the getfreemem function in userlib
    - The protect feature has been modified: you can always protect a variable/folder with Protect, but:
    - you can enter the protected variables/folder list with Unprotect (F3 Menu or 2nd+T), after asking for the Doorspass
        - To unprotect them definitely, first enter the protected variables/folder list and then use Unprotect again on one or more variables/folders(it works with multiselection)
    - Changed a key, now it is:
    2nd T -> Displays the protected variables/folder list after asking the Doorspass
    - fixed a bug in graphlib::put_sprite_mask
    - The shell is a bit smaller now (optimisation)

    - Doors v1.5 released:
    - You can view and manipulate protected variables/folders without unprotecting them !(just enter the Doorspass). Filters even work in this mode !
    - We completely changed the put_sprite function, and we added a put_sprite_mask function. Take a look at graphlib.h to see what has changed
    - Added a pic viewer: Doors picture viewer 1.0 (only 200 bytes !!)
    - When program execution fails, it displays an error message at the bottom of the screen
    - A new icon for pictures
    - Changed and added some keys, now it is:
        2nd W -> Creates a new folder
        2nd / -> Selects all items
        2nd * -> Deselects all items
        2nd F -> Displays the Filters box
  *NEW* 2nd V -> View protected vars without unprotecting them

    - Doors v1.4 released:
    - Doors is now compatible with XeTal: you can press Enter on a TEXT variable, and the shell will automatically launch XeTal with this variable !
    If you don't have XeTal in the main folder, pressing Enter will have no effect.
    - Lock/Unlock and Hide/Unhide work with multiselection !
    - Pseudo-libraries (TI-OS, kernel) aren't displayed anymore in the required libraries box     - changed a little the password protection:
        You must confirm your new password when you change it, and now the password is echoed with asterisks/stars (*).
    - filelib has been reprogrammed: it's a little smaller now but manages more errors(memory,duplicate name,invalid name..).
    - fixed two small bugs

    - Doors v1.3 released:
    - Multiselection!
    - Temporary folders(such as 0001,9999..) are not displayed so thatyou can't manipulate them (that could cause a crash)
    - Pressing 2nd-Q on a FARGO II prog or library displays the list of required libraries.
    - Different icons for FARGO progs, libraries, and text variables.
    - When asking the Doorspass,the bad guy can no more press 2nd-Lock-On to reset the calc. What's more, if you wait more than a few seconds, the TI shuts down again.
    - Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a crash.
    - Optimized the speed.
    - If a file is in use, you can't Delete, Copy, or Move it, it displays an error box.
    - If you want to Rename/Create a folder and you enter the name of an existing var, it now displays an error box. In the previous versions, it just didn't do it
    - If you want to manipulate a locked or hidden file, it doesn't flash the variable anymore, it only displays an error box.

    - Doors v1.2 released:
    - Filter options added !
    - You can define Hot-Keys to FARGO programs ! You will then only have to type the Hot-Key to run the prog !
    - The program comment is displayed in the status line !
    - Optional shell bolt !
    - You can access to menu items pressing the 1,2,3,4,..keys:
    For example you can press F1 / 5 in the shell to create a new folder
    - added a filelib::gettype function which returns the type of a given file
    - fixed some bugs

    - Doors v1.01 released:
    - Fixed a few bugs
    - SORRY : we forgot to write the default password in Doors.txt! It is "doors".

    - Doors v1.0 released

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*    When you use the "Hide" function on a folder, but you don't hide its contents, the files contained in this folder sometimes appear in the Var-Link. To correct this error, you should "Hide" the contents of the folder too.

*    When using the protect function and the game Megacar v1.2, you may have some bad surprises... When you will unprotect some files/folders, they may have their name cleared, so you will have to rename them yourself :-( The same problem is known to happen sometimes with Archive Utility.

*    If you have more than 100 files in a folder, then the display of the number of files will be 'cut'.

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This program was created by the Doors Team:
    - Xavier Vassor
    - Cédric Couffignal

The distribution of Doors is encouraged, as long as all the files are kept together, unmodified from the form in which they were originally released.

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Thanks to:
    - Johan Eilert for his ROM knowledge !!
        - Jimmy Monin
        - Christophe Fondacci
        - Noah Zoschke
        - Chris Johnert
        - Antoine
        - Jean
        - Henri Fallon
        - Klaus
        - Pierre Henninger
        - Cyprien
        - Buggy
    - Bertrand Danos
        - Marc Teyssier for his ziplib library
    - Aaron King who improved this text file
        - Sacha Kaercher for XeTal
    - Etan21 and Crashman from Gravitics
    - Fred
    - Chris "Puyolin" Ivarson for converting the docs to HTML
    - All others that we forgot, and I'm sure there are many of them for their suggestions/bug reports/help/anything else. Thanks!

The Official Doors Homepage:
On our site you'll always find the latest info on Doors, beta versions, and more, so please check it out!

If you have any bug report, mail us at:
Xavier VASSOR <>

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Last Modified: 07/16/99
Copyright © 1998-99 Xavier VASSOR and Cedric COUFFIGNAL
All rights reserved.